Miss H Jewellery Design was launched in April 2017 by Miss H.  
The range is a representation of her unique style.  She designs and creates jewellery that she finds beautiful and interesting, pieces that she herself loves wearing. 
Each and every piece sold is meticulously crafted by hand - from start to finish.  A lot of hard work, love and passion is poured into every piece of jewellery, and this shows in the final product.  Jewellery pieces have a special and beautiful handmade feel to them. 
Miss H finds inspiration in colour, texture, pattern and especially nature.  Her love for jewellery and creating is another source of inspiration.  The whole design process, from dreaming up an idea, putting it onto paper, experimenting with different techniques during the manufacturing process, making a finished piece of jewellery and actually wearing it is such a fun and inspiring process. 
The range consists of rings, bangles, cuff bracelets, earrings and brooches.  Pieces are made in silver, brass and copper and jewellery with tumbled stones is a favourite with Miss H and her clients .  Each stone is so unique and beautiful in its own way – the shape, colour, size and patterns all differ, so each piece of jewellery is unique to its wearer.